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What’s In A Contract?

What's In A Contract? To state the obvious, a contract is a legal document, which sets out the rights and obligations of the parties. From your point of view the main purpose of the document is to: set out your rights and responsibilities; set out the other party’s...

Reading a contract
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A Tweet You Can Bank On

[Note: this article written by thecwordblog was originally published on The C Word] Even banks get the blues If you were suffering from a case of Thursday afternoon-itis like we were, you would have got a huge pick-me-up about an hour ago when the official Westpac...

Sad bank
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I Made My Own Path

[Note: this article was originally published on Confident Woman] Kay shares exceptional tips for self-confidence learnt from her own bumpy journey to know herself, but why does she say her clients are relieved at not having to deal with a lawyer who acts like a...